Replacement Parts

RQI, Inc. offers the Bar and Cap System for one simple reason... it saves our customers money. How?

  • Our system requires no welding.
  • Our replaceable caps have a longer wear life than OEM hammers with weld build up
  • No welding means no down time waiting for welding, which means higher production.
  • Welding on manganese steel exposes employees to health and safety risks.
  • Weld build up can throw off rotor balance, which leads to premature bearing failure.

RQI Carrier Bars are cast alloy steel, triple heat treated, x-rayed and machined as necessary. They fit exactly like OEM bars. RQI Caps are cast manganese steel. Hardened steel alloy Caps are available for certain secondary applications.

Cost Saving Case Study #1 - The Welder: Customer A spent over $20 per hour on a good welder to keep their crusher availability up. After a quick investigation, they found that including supplies, they were spending over $45 dollars per hour of weld time. They needed 8 hours of weld time each night on a daily production of 2400 tons/day, translating to a cost of 15 cents per ton. Doing similar calculations, the Bar and Cap System cost about 7.5 cents per ton, an annual savings of over $20,000.

Cost Saving Case Study #2 - The Lawsuit: In 1985, four welders won a $6.5 million poisoning settlement against their employer. They had been working maintaining the company's impactor rotors. The confined space let the poisonous manganese welding vapors accumulate, and the welders experienced serious health problems. Company B realized that their welders were spending two to ten hours per day inside the crushers, putting the workers and the company at risk. After the Bar and Cap System was installed on their rotors, they found this strategy also had financial benefits to their company, increasing rotor availability by hours a day through quicker maintainance and longer wear life.

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